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Alexandra is a fully qualified Psychotherapist who has been practising in the Chester area since 2001. Alexandra prides herself on tailor making a therapeutic environment that meets the needs of the individual and makes them feel comfortable. Due to her continuous professional development, Alexandra is adept at working with a wide range of therapeutic approaches including CBT, NLP, Person-centred therapy, Hypnotherapy, Relaxation and Mindfulness approaches.


After gaining an honours degree in Psychology , Alexandra began her Psychotherapy training and became a fully qualified and registered Psychotherapist.

Throughout her career Alexandra has developed her interest in helping people suffering from anxiety disorders and for two years enjoyed assisting the 'No Panic' organisation. As a result anxiety in all its forms has become Alexandra's area of expertise.  Noting the efficacy of hypnotherapeutic approaches for many individuals, Alexandra went on to qualify in Hypnotherapy and has found this to be an excellent tool to employ with people suffering from anxieties, phobias and general mental health issues, should this be requested or felt applicable.

While gaining her Masters degree Alexandra worked for the NHS in Wales providing one on one therapy for individuals referred by their  GP.

Her wealth of experience culminated in Alexandra's professional private practice which has now been running 13 years. Alexandra sees clients one on one. Clients can self refer or, indeed, be referred to Alexandra by their employees or legal team. Often, companies and charities will employ Alexandra on a consultancy basis to work with people on their behalf. Alexandra is keen to make therapy available to as many people as possible so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Therapy is useful and poignant in all areas of life and does not need to be reserved for mental health issues. Performance improvement is becoming increasingly recognised as an area where Psychotherapeutic techniques can be vastly useful. Having always worked with people in this area Alexandra has recently, developed a 'Ride in Confidence' programme for horse owners and riders to improve their confidence and focus whilst riding, be it in a fun or competitive arena. All too often people can lose their confidence on horseback or when handling horses. 'Ride in confidence' is an excellent intervention to change the way you feel and improve your performance in every way.